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S is for Safari: An Alphabetical Adventure with Quickly, the Magic Spatula

Quickly, the Magic Spatula has returned in an engaging new book by award-winning authors, Miriam Kronish and Jeryl Abelmann. Illustrator Daniel J. Seward playfully portrays Quickly in white sneakers sporting a bright red ‘Q’ and brings Quickly, PanDora, and their new friend Ponnie to life with sparkling eyes and action poses. His animal illustrations are both accurate and charming.

After greeting us with a big “Hello!” Quickly explains that Ponnie, a spatula that he and his old friend PanDora met last year, has invited them to visit his country, South Africa. He will be their safari guide, driving their smiling green jeep as they make their way around the land to “visit the animals and learn their names” [each one representing a different letter of the alphabet] and “see the country [with sights representing a letter] and play some games.”

View from The Bay ABC Television

"Not only did ... Jeryl ... show the audience how to make the world's best Silver Dollar Pancakes" – the real Quickly made a special appearance at the end of the segment." 

"I want to share with you today a very special children's book that I believe has a beautiful message! 

Quickly The Magic Spatula written by Jeryl Abelmann and Miriam Kronish shares a well written series filled with magic moments of cherished family memories.

Before I continue, I want to let you in on a little secret. The author of this touching series use to be MY fifth grade math teacher. Yes, 21 years ago I was sitting in Mrs. Abelmann's math class with my butterfly covered math book learning how to do long division...."

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Cherished Memories
Child's Play: How a humble kitchen tool inspired the 'Quickly' children's book series

Once upon a time, there was a teacher named Jeryl Abelmann who loved children’s books. Having read many books to legions of fifth graders over a 30 year career, she dreamed about one day writing a story that would inspire them to treasure family traditions and explore what made their particular family special.

She dreamed about her book for a very long time – but she just couldn’t imagine exactly what that story might be about.

“My cousin Nancy is an author and professor and when I said to her that I wanted to write a children’s book, but about what?”

Abelmann’s cousin smiled and pointed at the pancake spatula framed on the kitchen wall. In an instant, she knew what she would do.

“The little spatula even had a name-tag. My inspiration was waiting for me to notice all along,” 
said Abelmann.

With help from her dear friend and writing partner, Miriam Kronish and illustrator, Chason Matthams, Quickly: The Magic Spatula was published. Next came Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure, which features 25 pancake recipes from famous chefs including one extra special recipe from acclaimed French chef,  Jacques Pepin.

A Magical Reunion

A Magical Reunion

Jeryl Abelmann, coauthor of The Quickly Series, was a guest speaker at Cypress Village Elementary School in Irvine, California. Miss Courtney Hinshaw’s 5th grade class welcomed Mrs. Abelmann and S is for Safari characters Quickly The Magic Spatula and his friends PanDora and Ponnie. The book Quickly The Magic Spatula  is a universal story that celebrates those heartfelt family moments that become treasured with time. Miss Hinsshaw and Mrs. Abelmann celebrated one of those heartfelt moments — because Miss Hinshaw was one of Mrs. Abelmann’s 5th grade students. What a magical reunion!

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