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Authors Jeryl Abelmann and Miriam Kronish bring the enchanting story of Quickly: The Magic Spatula to life. This warm childhood memory describes a touching family story. Quickly is discovered in the upstairs attic in an old dusty box. This seemingly magical spatula brings the warmth of Mommy's kitchen to life. What is the real secret of Mommy's Sunday morning pancakes? How did Quickly get its name? A story for children of all ages, Quickly will bring a smile to your lips and a tug at your heart. This universal story celebrates those heartfelt family moments that become treasured with time. Winner of the 2011 "Children's Books Winner" of the Hollywood Book Festival.

Quickly The Magic Spatula

""Quickly The Magic Spatula ... will definitely touch anyone who fondly remembers a touchstone of their childhood."  

~ Bruce Haring, Managing Director

   The Hollywood Book Festival

"Soulful writing and highly artistic illustrations combine to capture the enchantment of Mom's kitchen and the loving bonds that formed there." 

~  Jim Barnes of the Independent Publisher Book Awards

"Quickly The Magic Spatula ... the best children's literature speaks to adults as clearly as it speaks to children. It also conveys in memorable language universal experiences significant to us all. 
Quickly The Magic Spatula inspires readers to wonder, What is my Quickly?"

~  Moonbeam Children's Book Award

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