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S is for Safari takes Quickly the Magic Spatula on an alphabetical adventure to South Africa. Join him as he romps through the alphabet. Readers will delight in the dazzling illustrations and the poetic prose of Quickly’s latest adventure.

Color your way through the alphabet on a South African safari with Quickly The Magic Spatula and his friends. Children ages 4 to 8 will have fun coloring and finding their way through mazes, connecting the dots, and playing other age-appropriate games.

Award-winning authors Jeryl Abelmann and Miriam Kronish bring the enchanting story of Quickly The Magic Spatula to life. This warm childhood memory describes a touching family story. Quickly The Magic Spatula is a
tale for all ages.

Quickly's Magical Pancake Adventure celebrates what the people of the world share in common — the love of pancakes. Learn why Quickly goes out into the world in search of the best pancake recipes he can find.

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