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Quickly's Magical Pancake Adventure celebrates what the people of the world share in common — the love of pancakes. In this story, Quickly decides to see the world and meet other spatulas who make different kinds of pancakes. There is more magic at work in this book! It’s an engaging story with pancake recipes from 25 world famous chefs. Learn why Quickly went out into the world in search of the best pancake recipes he could find.

Quickly's Magical Pancake Adventure

"My grandchild will love this book." 

~ Chef Jacques Pépin ~

""The sequel to Quickly The Magic Spatula includes a host of famous chefs aboard Quickly's Magical Pancake Adventure. Children's book fans, this is a must-attend at the incredible Wave Street Studios."  

~ Michael Hemp, Wave Street Authors Show

"The tale of Quickly The Magic Spatula continues inQuickly's Magical Pancake Adventure where we continue to learn all about pancakes in our quest for delicious pancake recipes. Quickly meets some of the most famous chefs who've ever used a spatula. Of course, if we are meeting chefs wielding spatulas we want their recipes. Quickly's Magical Pancake Adventure delivers with 25 pancake recipes from world famous chefs like Roy Yamaguchi, Cat Cora, and Jacques Pépin." 

~ Mommy's Memorandum

"This is more than a story about a magic spatula and pancakes. It is about how a simple object can be the source of much joy as it evokes memories of family and growing up. Read it with your children and encourage them to write their own stories. Enjoy!  

~ John R Grassi, PhD.
   Professor, Cambridge College School of Education

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